The Handy Helpers, A Rocky Start

This is the first book in the series. Meet Amber and friends. Find out how it all began.


The Handy Helpers, Seven is a Perfect Number

In the second book in the series, Melissa is laid up with chicken pox when Beth Anne Riley comes to Bluesky. A little girl with Down syndrome, she charms everyone except Melissa who sees her as a threat. Can Beth Anne win Melissa over and become a Handy Helper?


The Handy Helpers, Red, White, and . . . Bloopers!

In Book three, Spike's summer fun is being threatened by his sister's boyfriend Todd, who is a bully. All of Spike's efforts at revenge backfire until he gets some help from Gus who shows him a different way to deal with Bullies.


The Handy Helpers, Not a Happy Camper

In their newest adventure, the Handy Helpers are headed for summer camp. But Beth Anne's parents want her to go to a camp for children with special needs. Beth Anne isn't happy about that. With help from her friends, she tries to change her parents' minds.


Written by Rosemary Heddens

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