I really need your help!

please helpI’ve never tried this before, but I’m hoping my friends, fans, and readers will give me a helping hand with  my writing. I’m working on book four of The Handy Helpers. It is entitled, Not a Happy Camper.

Here’s the basic plot:

It is near the end of summer vacation, and the Handy Helpers are planning to go to  camp. Beth Anne wants to go to camp with her friends, but her parents tell her no. They want her to go to a special needs camp in northern Arizona. Beth Anne continues to plead with her parents until they finally tell her the truth–They don’t have three hundred dollars for the camp fees. The special needs camp is free.  Her parents give her the choice of going to the special camp or not going to camp at all. They remind her that life is about compromises and she can’t expect to get everything she wants.

As far as Beth Anne’s parents are concerned, the matter is closed. But Beth Anne tells Laura that she is sleeping with the camp brochure under her pillow and praying that she can go to camp with her friends.

Of course, the Handy Helpers come to her aid and figure out a way to get the camp fees. Their plan is to have a yard sale. Walt gives them permission to have it at the senior center. All they need are things to sell. At first they plan to bring things of their own and things their families don’t need anymore. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be enough stuff to raise the three hundred dollars they need.

Chris suggests that they go door to door throughout the community of Bluesky and ask for donations. Everyone has stuff they don’t need and he is sure they can get enough for a successful yard sale.

THIS IS WHERE YOUR HELP COMES IN. As they go door to door, they will encounter several of the seniors who live in Bluesky. The seniors give them donations, but the kids aren’t really sure what some of the things are. I have thought of things such as a bathing cap, an 8-track tape, a transistor radio, and a wall phone. So many times on Facebook I’ve seen pictures of things with headings like “Do you remember this?” or “Share if you know what this is.” But for the life of me, I can’t think of any of the things in the pictures.

If the Handy Helpers came to your door and asked for donations for a yard sale, what would you give them? Please be creative and help me come up with some funny and interesting things for their yard sale. I’m hoping you will leave your responses as comments on my blog. I look forward to reading them.

Thanks in advance for your help.


4 thoughts on “I really need your help!”

  1. How about a phonograph with a couple vinyl records. Or how about a sock puller. Or how about an old wash basin. Or how about an old butter churn. Or how a pair of spats.


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