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Crazy about crayons

crayonsWith school starting parents are or have recently been school shopping. One item sure to be found in nearly every cart is a box of crayons. I remember getting a new box of crayons as being one of the highlights of back to school. Even now, I occasionally  find myself picking one up in a store.  I love looking at the neat rows arranged by color. I love smelling them, counting them, and reading the names of the colors. Recently, there has been a renewed interest in coloring as an adult activity. The benefits of coloring are being recognized as a way to wind down after a busy, stressful day. For all those who also cherish this time-honored treasure, here is my ode to a box of crayons.


                        I have a box of ninety-two;

                        It looks like I have more than you.

                        There is green in every shade,

                        Avocado, emerald, jade.

                         I have so many reds it’s scary.

                        There’s rose, fire engine, and cranberry.

                        I could start a yellow craze

                       With lemon, buttercup and maize.

                        I think my favorite ones are blue,

                       Like midnight, sky, aqua and true.

                       Purple shades are truly delicious.

                      There’s grape and plum and violet dishes.

                      Oh! Pink! How can I forget you!

                      You’re shocking, hot, or pale as dew.

                      Look at all the oranges I’ve got.

                     There’s peach and flame and apricot.

                     What’s that? You have a hundred and four?

                     Well, I guess then you have more.

                     Maybe the sun will melt yours down

                     To just one color….yucky brown.