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What’s next for the Handy Helpers.

At about two o’clock last Saturday, I wrote the final words of the third Handy Helpers book, Red, White and . . . Bloopers! It should be available in early September. I want to share with you some of what you can expect.

It is summer and all Spike wants is to be left alone and to go fishing with his friends. Unfortunately, his parents have other ideas about keeping him busy. But that’s not the worst of it. His sister Jennifer’s new boyfriend Todd seems to be making it his mission to make Spike’s life miserable. When Spike tries to tell his parents about Todd, they say he is overacting. Todd has two older brothers and is used to playing rough. Spike’s parents think that Todd is just treating him like a younger brother. Spike decides he will have to handle Todd on his own.

Spike takes care of the problem in his usual way—with sneaky pranks. But no matter what he does, Todd seems to come out on top. Finally, Spike resorts to a plan of revenge that backfires in the worst possible way. Instead of teaching Todd a lesson, Spike accidently pranks the town mayor. His chances of going fishing are pretty much over as he is ordered to do community service for his crime.

It is during Spike’s community service that he meets some kids who live in the forest. Spike vows to help them as much as he can. But he never expected that to include a daring nighttime rescue.


Here’s what else is going on in the lives of The Handy Helpers:

  • Beth Anne gets her cast off and moves into her new house. She turns ten and has a bowling party for her birthday.
  • Melissa tries to adjust to having her dad around all the time now that he’s home for Afghanistan.
  • Laura has a cooking mishap.
  • Chris goes to California to visit his grandparents and returns with something that shocks his friends.
  • Logan’s dad comes home and spends a few days with his family.
  • Amber goes on sort of a date with Logan.
  • Beth Anne trains for Special Olympics swimming, and involves her friends.


I really had fun writing this third installment of The Handy Helpers. There are some very colorful seniors for you to meet. I think you will all enjoy reading Red, White, and . . . Bloopers! In my humble opinion, it’s the best book yet.